Wondering How to have the Best Ski Vacation in Vail?

 Ski Vacations in Vail, Colorado

 It's really important to recognize that when you come to Vail on a ski vacation, organization is the key to kind of a stress-free environment. Being organized when you arrive really works out a lot better than if you're trying to kind of fly by the seat of your pants. There are a lot of prep goes into a ski vacation like booking airfare and the lodging accommodations.

 Once everybody is loaded up into the car, you are headed to the airport. Going through security, making sure you are at the right gate, keeping the kids satisfied.

There is a ton of stuff that you have to bring on your trip like hats,  gloves, long underwear and goggles, helmets, ski socks, ski coat and ski pants, and the list goes on.

 Once you get all that prep work set up, wouldn't it be nice to make sure that the rest of your vacation goes nice and smooth?

 That’s what I'm here to do is to try to give you a list of things to think about when coming into town. Let’s first start with lift tickets. It’s important that you buy the lift tickets ahead of time. There's nothing crazier than the first day of skiing, and the kids are all like amped up, ready to get on the hill. If you don't have your lift tickets, then you must wait in line. That is a real pain so go to vail.com which is a real user friendly website. You can buy your lift tickets and you could also buy ski lessons right there as well.

 They will mail your lift tickets so you don't have to worry about having to stand in line and having to fight the crowds. Make sure you go on to vail.com and navigate and decide how many days you're going to ski, how many days you're not going to ski.

Let’s talk rentals. If you're not going to bring your skis and your boots and your poles and all that other stuff, renting is the way to go. Make sure you have a very well-fitting boot. That is more important than the ski rental, in my opinion.  Because if you're in a rental boot and that rental boot is beating on your ankle or your shin or your heel the ski day turns into a nightmare not the relaxing, memory building day you had planned.

If you decide to purchase boots, I recommend spending around $1,200 on a good boot. If you're in a great boot, you're going to have a great day. Bring your boots, rent the best ski available. Go to Skiing magazine to see what the best all mountain ski is.

 When you are doing the rentals, do it the easiest way possible, and we have great concierge services that do ski rentals, right in the comfort of your home. The company will come right to your house. They will get your kids are getting outfitted for their boots and skis and poles. Then when, when the ski vacation's over, you can either leave them or you can drop 'em where, wherever the shop is in the village.

 My suggestion is to also look for ski storage. There's ski storage in Lion's Head and their ski storage in Vail Village. When you come off the snow, you can just pop 'em into one of the ski storage places and head out for a glass of wine. Everybody has a stress-free end of the day.

 Another thing that you should do ahead of time is consider the outdoor adventure outlets. We have all these amazing places to go dog sledding or snowmobiling or do a snowcat tour where you're going to want to take pictures because some of the places that they take you on these tours are spectacular. Book these ahead of time. There are lots and lots of different outfits that will accommodate your needs. One of the cool things about these places is you don't have to drive to them. They have these big, warm, comfy vans that they come pick you up and drop you off sometimes right to your house.

If you guys are newer to the sport or you have a spouse or significant other who is learning to ski, get them in a half day lesson. Let them learn the basics. That's what our ski instructors do. They teach the basics. They're super good at what they do!

There is so much to do during your Vail Valley stay. Ask your concierge or check out the local Vail Daily for all the happenings.

 Let me help you have the best ski vacation ever. Have a wonderful, wonderful 2022, and I hope that we see you soon in the Veil Valley.

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