Where To Have Lunch While Skiing Vail Colorado

 Where to Eat Lunch After Skiing in Vail

 One of the big things that I think is very important when coming to Vail to go skiing with the family is figuring out where to have lunch. Vail’s terrain is large and if you are all the way out in the back bowls and then realize everyone is hungry, it could be a disaster.

You really should have a plan so starting with Lion's Head, At the top of the Lion's head, gondola is Eagle's Nest. Eagle's Nest is a really nice venue that is a big cafeteria style setting. Lots of seating, lots of choices. But again, cafeteria style.

 We then can go into Midvale. Midvale is a double decker. It's, it's a two story lodge. Again, cafeteria style with everything from burgers to pizzas to wraps to chicken fingers, you name it, they got it.

At the top of chair three, which is the Wildwood Express, there's a smokehouse, it's a barbecue place, but it's small. It's a nice place to go on a beautiful day because you can sit outside and take in the views and eat some really good barbecue.

 At the top of chair four, which is the Mountaintop Express, there is Buffalos. Buffalo's is a burgers and fries type of venue. You will need to show a little patience because lines do build up.  If you can get seating on a nice day outside, its a nice place to be.

Into the back bowls, there's only really one big choice back there, and that is our famous two Elk Lodge. Two Elk Lodge is spectacular and enormous. There's seating for probably a thousand people, if not 2,500. You have to show patients at a place like this, especially during the peak season i.e. Christmas, New Year's, Presidents Day. You definitely want to make sure that you know that you are going to be waiting a little bit to get your food and to also try to find a place to sit.

 There is a great spot on the mountain that is open to the public, that is fine dining.  The 10th Restaurant is a beautiful spot, brand new building and is right in Midvale. You can sit at the bar or you can sit in the main dining room. The one thing that is imperative when choosing the 10th is a reservation. Make sure you make your reservation even before you come to town. Call a couple of weeks ahead. This way you get the time and the day that you want, especially when talking about Christmas and New Year's. They have a wonderful wine list and excellent food.

Those are some of the places that are on Mountain, but I'm going to tell you about some local secrets. What we like to do is ski to the bottom and walk in and eat at one of the fantastic restaurants that are right in the village. You can beat the crowds because it's not as busy down in the village as it is in those ski lodges. Ski down Devale Village, there is Los Amigos.

Los Amigos is right there off of Gondola One, and it's a great Mexican restaurant with everything imaginable from your best margaritas to your best burritos. In front of that is going to be the Red Lion. The Red Lion is a big giant bar that's been around there forever. They usually have live entertainment that somebody's singing and everybody's having a great time in there. There is also Vendettas. Vendettas is an awesome place, everybody's got a smile on their face. Wonderful staff, and I totally recommend going to Vendetta if your kids want pizza. If you're looking for something more fine dining, just down the street and around the corner, there is Sweet Basil. It has been around for years and they had a beautiful lunch arrangement. They have a great menu, wonderful wine list, etc. If that's full, you could try going down to Mountain Standard, which is the sister restaurant of Sweet Basil and has a great rustic menu.

Try to make a reservation because they fill up quickly.

We will end our food journey down over in Lion's head. There's lots of great venues as well. Right off the snow you have the Chop House which has everything from steaks, salads, salmon and much more.

 To the right is Garfinkel's just above the ticket office. If you are looking to catch the tail end of a sporting event this is the sports bar to go to. Pub food and good vibes from staff and patrons alike.

The Tavern is also steps off the snow inside the arabelle hotel. There's also an old time restaurant that's been there forever and ever called Barton Yetis. It is also a small venue so patience is needed.

 On the East side, there is Larksburg Restaurant, another spot where you're going to want to make a reservation. They have the famous Lark Burger which is a crowd favorite.

 Another tip is get up in the morning, have a great breakfast. Get the family on the snow. Ski. until around 11 o'clock. Come in, get some warm hot chocolate Eat a bar that you would put into your ski jacket in the morning and keep going. Then when it's 1 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon, start heading down and get down to the bottom and go for lunch at two o'clock.

 You’re beating the whole craziness of everybody coming down at the end of the day, so it's safer and you have the same great experience of skiing the whole day.



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