What To Know Before You Build In Vail

What to Know Before You Build in Vail

 Todd Morrison is the owner of P C W, which is Precision Construction West, right here in beautiful Eagle County, Colorado. Here are his responses about himself and his business.

 Jeffrey: I wanted to tell, let everybody know a little bit who you are and where you come from, and how long you've been in the business.

Todd: we've been here in the valley, building both commercial and residential, light industrial products for the better part of 27 years.

 Todd: I've been here about 32 years. I came for to ski and like many of us, stayed a summer and decided I was never going to leave. I came here from the Detroit area, a suburb called Rochester, Michigan. And I've been here all this time, enjoying the opportunities that the Vail Valley, you know, presents.

 Jeffrey: how many projects do you have going on?

 Todd: we have five custom homes and five diverse, re remodels and renovation projects going.

I'm considered a medium sized company. I'm surrounded by about 26 very talented carpenters and five very talented managers. And, and I have a woman named Tracy Hoff who works with me. That keeps us all afloat economically. We're just one big group here. And we are always happy to be part of someone's project team.

Jeffrey: you're doing two of my client's homes right now. 145 Gore Trail, which is in the summit of Cordillera. What a beautiful, gorgeous custom home, just under 5,700 square feet. It's going to be so special when it's all done. How long is the timeframe when we're talking about shovels in the ground until, until completion?

 Todd: Yeah, 145 Gore Trail is at 9,000 feet above sea level. So one can imagine in the Central Rockies we're dealing with weather and a lot of snow. 385 inches a year on average, of course, we're glad it doesn't all fall at the same time. Things like that do impact schedule. topography, the type of soils that are on a particular project design also impact timing.

But I would say that the average house in the Vail Valley, 3000 to 4,000 feet takes about one year from the shovel to the completion.

 Jeffrey: I'm assuming that there's some steps that clients can take to make the process go a little bit smoother. Could you give us any insight on, on that kind?

 Todd: Well, absolutely. I, I think, you know, again, we have clients that come to us plans in hand engineering in hand, and that's fine. We, we, we like to work with those people. And of course with, with every plan, there's always things that do present themselves that have to be strategically addressed, if you will, and modified, but, You know, with 27 years of experience, we've pretty much bumped into most of those issues. We're very resourceful if we have it.

If you can come ahead of time with an idea and discuss with us your goals and dreams regarding your residential or commercial project. We can streamline design and streamline engineering and have a clear understanding of what, what type of dirt and location work best for you. Bringing all those players together early certainly does streamline and create efficiencies of scale. In the process, which then makes it go a little quicker.

  Jeffrey: ne of the things that I just absolutely love about you, because I've actually sat down with you with clients and answer questions and really get into the meat of, of what is possible, when building a custom home. And one of the things that I love about you and your company is that fair and trustworthy, and you guys always feel like family almost, you know, everybody who works for you loves working for you. You treat them with respect.

 Jeffrey: Tell me what is, what is your favorite part of your job after, after you have that whole crew like that?

Todd: Well, I'll tell you what, after 27 years for me now, it's about relationship and it's about the people. So working with you, working with others, but working with our people we have been tremendously blessed with, continued commitment and support. You know, from the people that work with us, we're about 26 carpenters strong, five managers and an office manager and bookkeeper, and we're, we would be considered a medium size organization, but for me seeing the people grow is really the best part of my day now.

Todd: There are always challenges, you know, issues that present themselves running a business, like a construction company, operations is one part and running the business as another, you know, we're a very transparent organization. We like to be transparent with our partners like you. We like to treat our customers like family, and, it all seems to be working out.

Jeffrey: Can you give the viewer, a little bit more insight as to what to expect out here in the Vail Valley when building a home. How does everyone get in touch with you if they're looking to get in front of you to bend your ear about what their goals are?

 Todd: Well, people can reach out to us [email protected]. We also have a, a significant present presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Yep. Our information's there. Uh, you can always contact us at the office at 9 7 0 3 7 6 0 4 0 3, but feel free to call me directly. We'd love to hear from you.




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