What to do in Vail Colorado in Summer

 What to Do in Vail in the Summer

 Here is some top 10 things to do in Vail for summer 2022.

 Number one

  • Rent a mountain bike. So come into town either with your mountain bike or rent a mountain bike and take the lift up to the top of the mountain. Either at Veil or Beaver Creek. There are all these fantastic, amazing trails and you can come down these single tracks and there's lots of little whoopie dos. For the serious mountain biker there are very difficult options. Besides these trails, if you guys just want to have a cool casual ride down, there are also service roads that you just go up to the top. Jump on your bike and take in the sights as you're just going down the windy road all the way back down to the bottom. So whether you want to put on a full face helmet and charge like super duper steep stuff with drops and jumps, or if you want to just do something really casual and cruise down on a nice dirt road.

Number 2

  • Zip line adventures. We have a really cool setup just over in Wilcott. It's about 20 minutes from Vail and Beaver Creek. You can sign up there, or you can give them a call and make a reservation. If you are okay with heights, that is. The kids adore it and they can go back and forth for most of the day.

 Number 3 & 4

  • Hiking. There are some amazing hikes in this  valley. One in Vail and one in Beaver Creek. The one in Vail is the Booth Falls Hike which is about four miles round trip. You gain about 1300 feet of elevation. So definitely want to bring your sunscreen. You definitely want to bring a, a good amount of water, but it's a beautiful hike. The falls are amazing and it is in the East Vail area, and there's a big parking lot for convenience.
  • The hike that I think is super cool is the Beaver Lake hike. It is not for the faint of heart. It is not a beginner trail. I do not recommend your five year old trying to take this trek. It's about 6.3 miles round trip, and it does get pretty steep in a couple of sections. But once you get to the top, it is so beautiful. The lake is gorgeous. You can navigate your way around the lake as well.

Number 5

  • We have great horseback riding in this valley, and the two outfits that service the area are Bearcat stables which is right in the Cordillera community. You're going to make a left on Squaw Creek Road off of Highway six. And you head up that way, and right on the right hand side past the equestrian center is Bearcat Stables and they have wonderful rides and you can do everything from short ones to real big, long ones. So depending on your level of expertise with, with horseback riding, you can choose one that fits your lifestyle.

 There's also four Eagle Ranch. They have hay rides that you can go with the kids and they have a lot of cool other things to do at Four Eagle Ranch for you to explore with you and your family

 Number 6

  • There are lots and lots of public golf courses. There is the Vail golf course which is right along I 70, and it's a great challenging long golf course and you could have a great time golfing that one. There's the Eagle Vail golf course, which is between Vail and Beaver Creek. You cannot walk this course because it does have some really big undulations there, so you're definitely going to want to take a cart for that one. There is the Eagle Ranch Golf Club, which is out in Eagle, and that is a really good one too. It winds through the Eagle Ranch community. There's some gorgeous homes out there to take a look at as well, and the views are spectacular as you golf that challenging golf course. Finally Gypsum Creek golf course, and that's just west of Eagle in the town of Gypsum, and that one is also a really fun course. They got a great restaurant and a fantastic deck as well to take in a cocktail after your golf. If you are staying at a Signature property in Vail or Beaver Creek, you could also have access to the Red Sky Golf Club. The views are spectacular, and it's a super long course. The Beaver Creek golf course is very, very cool. The first couple of holes are a little challenging,

Number 7

  • Going for a little exploring, there is independence pass loop which goes down into Aspen and through Glenwood Springs and back down into Vail or Beaver Creek. Make sure you take lots of photos at the top of Independence Pass. I don't care if it is 95 degrees in. If you're out here in the fall, the trees, when they make their turn into those gold and beautiful yellows from all the Aspen, that is one heck of a time to go on that great independence loop. You go up through Leadville, out through Leadville, past Twin Lakes, which is gorgeous. Up over independence, past down into Aspen. You could stop there, have a little lunch if you wanted to, and then head back into Glenwood and back down I 70 back into Vail. That whole thing should take you about three hours.

 Number 8

  • Vail Adventure Ridge. Adventure Ridge is at the top of the Lion's Head gondola, and there is everything from ropes courses to summertime tubing to cool little adventure stations where you can go around with your family and find out about the different type of wildlife, nature and everything that is in our national forest. There's also the alpine coaster now, man. Oh man, that is, Fun. Crazy, cool rollercoaster. Its pricey and busy so if you are going to go up and do the Adventure Ridge, going early and leaving early would be your best bet.

 Number 9

  • Our movie theaters. There is Edwards Riverwalk Theater, which is fantastic. They have a full bar for the adults and food and the whole bit to take into the theater with you, and you guys can just go and have a great afternoon checking out the most recent and latest films that are available. We also have the Eagle Ranch Theater as well, which is the Capital Theater and Eagle Ranch. Just another option if you want to venture a little further away from the veil area.

Number 10

  • Now there's also bowling. We have bowling in two locations. One is in the middle of Vail Village, called Bowl b o l. It is considered possibly the most expensive bowling alley in the United States of America. They have great food, great drinks. It's a cool, funky, trendy venue. There is also Back Bowl. Lots and lots of lanes, a big arcade for the kids to play in as well. Also, there is the Avon Rec Center which is right kind of smack dab in the middle of Avon, which is very close to Beaver Creek and 15 minutes, 10 minutes away from Vail. They have a big, beautiful hot tub. They have a excellent introduction to swimming for the little people with just kind of a, a wade into a nice little two and a half foot pool. They also have a lazy river. They have a big slid and diving well as well, and they have laps, uh, swimming if you want to get after your fitness. That is a cool little spot, and it's all very inexpensive $10 or $12 bucks for adults to get in and half the price for kids. So check that out as well. Now, number 10. Number 10 is, is kind of a, let's play it by ear.

 Right, so playing it by ear, you can always have a really great time when you do things on a whim, right? One of our great resources in this valley is the Veil Daily. Now, you can go to veil daily.com or you can grab a Veil Daily newspaper each morning whenever you get up. They're all over the place, and there is a activity section in that newspaper and it tells you every single solitary thing that's going.

 Like today, for instance, at nine o'clock this morning in Beaver Creek, there was free yoga outside. You just bring your mat, put it down, and do a cool yoga class. Tomorrow there is going to be a free fitness class also right here at the ice skating rink in Beaver Creek. So, . There's lots and lots of cool, fun things to do here in this valley, and you know, and that that's without talking about all the retail and all the shopping that you can do, all the restaurants and bars and stuff that you can go to as well.


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