What Does $5 Million buy you in Vail Colorado?

Luxury Real Estate Market in the Core of Vail, Colorado

 I have been selling luxury real estate in this valley for over a decade now. Selling luxury real estate is such an amazing, fun, exciting job.

 What's going on in Vail in our luxury real estate market? One of the things that a lot of people complain about or that mention is that we have a lack of options when it comes to purchasing real estate whether it's here or anywhere in the United States. When we get into the luxury real estate market in Vail, specifically the core of Vail, we actually have a lot of choice between the 5 million range and beyond.

 Presently there are 38 homes that are available for you between that price range of 5 million and beyond. The beyond goes all the way up to 45 million. When you're thinking about it on that level, you have lots of choice which really gives you options to fit your lifestyle perfectly.

 When you're thinking about purchasing a second home here in the beautiful Vail Valley 20 of those 38 homes are priced between 5 and 10 million. There's a really nice selection of homes to choose from depending on your wants and your needs. One thing you should know is that in the 5 to $10 million market, your selection all fall into luxury condominiums and Vail has seen such great expansion of offerings.

 New construction projects are taking reservations. Some are very close to completion; some are already moving ready. There’s Altus also The Legacy at Lion Square and there's Elevation all are brand spanking new buildings with state-of-the-art design and function and technology and finishes and services.

 Some of these condos live like single family homes because of their spacious floor plans with gorgeous views of the mountain and the Gore Range. They have timeless architecture, so value is going to hold and increase as time goes on. There's also, of course, existing buildings.

 The Solaris building that has been around for about a decade as well and is absolutely gorgeous. We have the Arbel, which is over in Lion's. Flush right on the snow, right at chair eight that will take you up onto the mountain every single solitary morning with wonderful amenities down below. There is club access to state-of-the art spa and and fitness centers. The services that are offered in these buildings are just outstanding. The customers service levels in this category are the highest caliber, and I want you all to know that because they really offer seamless, carefree services.

 The next level up is the 10 million and beyond. When you step into this category, you will get the single-family home. Single family homes are very location specific. They are still in the core of Vail and Lion's Head. Plus, there are still condominiums available for you if that is the way that you like to roll.

 You can also be a $10 million buyer and be on the very prestigious streets with addresses that include Rock Ledge Road and Forest Road and Beaver Dam Road. These homes range from anywhere from 2300 square feet for like a duplex, all the way up to single family homes that are pushing beyond 11,000 square feet.

 Most of these homes that are located on these streets of Rock Ledge and Beaver Dam and Forest typically run four to 6,000 square feet in size. They offer four to six bedrooms. These bedroom suites are beautiful. Many of these properties are either built in the last five years or they are close to brand new.

 There's lots of luxury product to look at when you are coming to Vail

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