Vail Vs Beaver Creek Skiing: which is better?

Vail vs Beaver Creek

Here are some of the significant differences between two amazing ski areas, Vail and Beaver Creek. They have their own benefits and hopefully this information will help you decide which one fits you and your family's lifestyle the best.

 My passion for being an outdoor enthusiast really kind of sets me apart from the rest of these realtors out there. I want to help you elevate your real estate knowledge in the Vail Valley and help you also optimize the amazing lifestyle that the Vail Valley has to offer.

Beaver Creek is 1800 acres and it offers three distinct areas. There is Beaver Creek proper, Bachelor’s Gulch, and Arrowhead. All three of these distinct areas are gated communities. When you arrive at Beaver Creek, you arrive at one of the main gates. The wonderful gate attendants who tell you where to go, give you directions, answer any questions, give you a map as soon as you roll in. Beaver Creek is serviced by the Centennial Lift, and the Centennial lift is a combo lift. The reasons why they did this is because Beaver Creek does an enormous, amount of children's ski school, and the gondola enables the instructor to do the whole group up the mountain at once. This way they can maximize their ski day. It's such a brilliant move that Beaver Creek installed that.

Bachelor's Gulch is the home of the prestigious Ritz Carlton. It is a great place to go for food after skiing. The music is usually live and, and if it's not, they have a very cool hip DJ that is spinning some tunes.

 Next is Arrowhead which is great. It has long, nice runs that go all the way down to the bottom. And once you're down there, you will see an iconic clock tower. There is the Broken Arrow restaurant down there as well. Country Club of the Rockies is also in the Arrowhead Village. Its a beautiful private golf club, and you have the option to buy a membership to that club if you decide to own here.

Now to Vail. You literally hop off the interstate and jump into one of the parking structures and boot up, walk up to the lifts and you're ready to rock. Vail is a mind boggling 5,317 acres.

It has 195 trails. It has 31 lifts. The longest run is over four miles long. It's called Riva

 There are four distinct base areas in Vail. Let’s start on the West side and then we'll move to the East. The first is going to be Cascade. Cascade Village is cute. It's the smallest and most intimate of all the base areas and houses the Grand Hyatt Vail. The Grand Hyatt guests will ski out of there in the morning. Next is Lion's Head. Lion's Head is a significant village that has gorgeous restaurants and shops and real estate and bars.

It's serviced by two lifts. One is chair eight, which is a chair lift that brings you up to the mid area in Veil. Then there's a gondola that takes you all the way up to the top. Next, we have Veil Village which was the first base area. And it is humongous.

There is everything from bars and restaurants. Yes. And uh, retail and a movie theater that serves adult beverages and food. There's also bowl which is a bowling alley. It's not just a bowling alley, it is the most expensive bowling alley in the United States of America.

 Then there is Golden Peak. Golden Peak is the furthest east, And it's also kind of a nice, cute little boutique landing area. It has the best spot to valet park. On a powder day, you want to go and valet park at this spot, golden Peak. It's fantastic. You just jump out of your car. You boot up and you walk through their lobby. There's a little grab and go. If you want to like get a burrito or something that stick into your, uh, your ski jacket and goof, you go out and then you land at a mid station.

 Jump on another quick lift and all of a sudden you're in the back bowls of Vail.

Beaver Creek offers an abundant amount of groom trails and it probably offers, if not close to the best, the best beginner terrain in the whole entire state of Colorado. There are three areas in which people learn how to ski, perfect their moves, gain their confidence. Hey Meadow is the easiest with a gentle slope perfect for getting your turns right. Next is Red Buffalo which is way up on top top of the mountain. It's all groomed. There's probably 12 trails up there all perfect and gorgeous and great for you to gain confidence and work on changing directions and controlling your speed and putting your ski on edge. Then we have in Beaver Creek this year will be the very first year that they bring in a new area is called McCoy Park. McCoy Park used to be our Nordic area where you could go up and cross-country ski, but they've added two lifts now and it's a whole new beginner area for families and, and people who are learning how to ski.

 They also have our expert terrain, which is Grouse Mountain, which is found all the way in the back, and there is some of the best tree skiing that Vail and Beaver Creek has to offer right on Grouse Mountain.

Vail has a front side, just like Beaver Creek  but you can also hop on a couple of lifts that will bring you to the legendary back bowls. It is the most amazing experience ever. There is Game Creek Bowl, Sunup Bowl, Sundown bowl. Teacup Bowl is the smallest of all the bowls. You can be on one side of the China Bowl on a ridge and look across, and there are people that are this big on the other ridge.

 Then there's Mongolia bowl, and then there's outer Mongolia bowl. If you keep on going, you will end up in Siberian bowl.

You can go to Blue Sky Basin as well, and Blue Sky Basin is absolutely amazing. It's the newest of all the areas that they opened in Vail. One of the cool things about Blue Sky Basin is, is Big Rock Park. It’s a tree heavy space but they've groomed in between the trees so you can shoot in and out of these trees and feel so confident..

 Resorts went to great lengths to make sure that there's always a groomed area for an advanced beginner to navigate the entire mountain, whether you're here in Beaver Creek or in Vail. No matter what level you are, both mountains have something for you.

 You can go from Beaver Creek to Bachelor's Gulch to Arrowhead to have lunch as an advanced beginner and make it back here safely.

 In Beaver Creek there is an ice skating rink open in the evening under the lights. You have a really beautiful restaurant scene that wraps up around nine o'clock. There's a couple of bars that stay open, but for the most part, It's a quieter venue.

 Vail stays open much later. Dinner service seems to go on much later. any bars serve patrons until 2:00 AM and there's a lot more presence of nightlife to take advantage of in Vail Village and Lion's Head.

 Big grin on his face knowing that he absolutely had the best day ever. You know what we call that? Recall that, getting after it. And that is exactly what those people are doing. And you know what? He probably went home. Chugged water, chugged water, chugged water, went to sleep, and did it all over again the next day.

 Beaver Creek Real Estate offers a ton more skiing, ski out access from condos and townhomes and duplexes and single family homes, um, than Vail. That is for sure. Beaver Creek was built later in the eighties where Vail was established in the sixties, so they were able to really make considerations to make it a lot more user friendly for the skier to own a ski and ski out property in Beaver Creek.

 Beaver Creek over the last 12 months, there's been 234 real estate transactions. The average square foot price of those 234 homes that went to the closing had an average of $967 a square foot.

 And of those 234 that went to the closing table; they averaged 97% of list. You can see how competitive our market continues to be through the 20, 21 year or the through the 21 season. Vail in the past 12 months has had 178 real estate transactions that took place in Vail Village and Lionshead.

 The average price per square foot was double that of Beaver Creek. The average price per square foot closed at $1,891 a square foot. And check this out. The highest sale and Vail was 34 million. And that sold at a whopping $4,162 a square foot.

 Now, if you compare that high sale in Vail to the one in Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek's highest sale was 16 million bucks and it closed at $1,580 a. So you can see that you can get a lot more bang for your buck if you are thinking about purchasing a home in Beaver Creek. Right? To give you another example of a luxury real estate right now Vail has 49 homes that are listed active right now at over 3 million. I have never heard of anyone regretting purchasing a home in the Vail Valley.



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