Real Estate Market 2022 Today in Vail

 Vail Real Estate Market Update

There are differences between the old and current market. The old market was like a rocket that was taking off. There were 12 to 24 offers on every single solitary listing that came on the market. The difference was the old market caused sleepless nights, possible stress and anxiety that never stopped versus today's market. Today's market is a little bit more normal. Do you remember making the offer in the old market? The old market buyers often submitted an offer  way over list price. Usually it was a non-refundable plus being a cash offer. Buyers also had to give your left kidney and first born.

Now we're seeing more inventory, we're seeing sellers becoming a little bit more reasonable.

Also, we're seeing pricing start to level off and all those types of things really work well because now when you make an offer we can actually negotiate that for you. We can also talk about doing an inspection and actually asking for repairs, but more so the seller actually performing the repairs prior to closing.

 Thus we are actually seeing a more normal marketplace now. In the past, your listing broker had to have a contract that was half filled out, so it was ready to go at a moment's notice versus today where the market, we have more inventory and we have a market that is acting more normal like that of pre covid days.

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