Pros and Cons of Living in Cordillera

Check out Living in Cordillera CO: Winter Pros and Cons. 

29 Kimber Wick  is sixty three hundred and forty seven square feet. It's five bedrooms, it's seven baths. It is beautiful and they are working hard, getting flooring down and all the tile down and all the stone on the fireplaces in place. Living in the Vail Valley, in Cordillera, in the wintertime has some pros and some cons.

One con is the amount of snowfall. There are however, good snow removal services around here, but something that could keep in mind if you are thinking about moving to the beautiful gated community of Cordillera.

One pro is the new, state of the art Summit Athletic Club. They just spent about 18 million bucks redoing the whole entire thing. It is just spectacular. You have everything from your cardio equipment up here to your Nautilus. They have workout rooms for group classes, yoga, plus specific weight rooms. Additionally, they have an indoor pool and a beautiful outdoor hot tub. This is one heck of a facility.  

Here is another pro about living in Cordillera, and that is our winter activity at our  Nordic Center. They have a pro shop in the summertime for the mountain course, which is right out in the backside of this clubhouse here. And this right here is the Timber Hearth Grill, which is a fantastic restaurant that is only available to the members. However, this year, They have decided to make this available, the Nordic Center and the Sled Hill to the public. So you can come up and you can use the groomed trails to do everything from snowshoeing to cross-country skiing. And that's a really cool amenity. And we're talking about $25 just to use the trail system and 35 bucks if you're gonna rent. Inside here they have everything from ski rentals to snowshoe rentals. It’s a great place to bring the kids up and you can go ahead and get your sleds all ready to rock and roll and or your tubes and you can get some hot chocolate. That's a big sledding hill out there. And right out front here, you can also see that there are groomed trails and the trails go on forever, all groomed daily. So again, the Nordic Center in Cordillera is another fantastic pro in my pro and cons list.  

Another pro is Bearcat stables.  The Bearcat stables is located down on Squawk Creek Road right below the ranch. And this is such a great little spot because this is another place where you can come, um, and not be a member of Cordillera. They are doing a horse drawn sleigh rides in the winter. I have to tell you, all these big workhorse out here pull these fantastic sleds and you get all bundled up and you have your hot chocolate and you go out for a beautiful, beautiful ride in the wintertime here in Cordillera, and the scenery is just absolutely spectacular. You will come across elk and the beautiful landscape throughout the sleigh ride.

Another pro is It is a self-contained metro district, so that means that everything they do, they do on their own. That means all their own roads. They have their own post office, they have their own fire department. They do all of their own maintenance. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. We have gates and security and the whole bit here. Another con is that it’s a little bit further away from Vail that some would like to be. It takes about 20 minutes to get from your house or from Cordillera to the ski hill. It's about maybe 25 minutes to Vail, 20 minutes off to Beaver Creek, and Arrowhead is even a little closer, so keep that in mind as well. But all in all, Cordillera is a fantastic spot. Whether you're in the summertime or whether you are in the wintertime, you are absolutely going to love Cordillera.

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