Lunch on the Mountain at Beaver Creek

Where to Dine in Beaver Creek

  In general, ski resorts have made it a little bit more difficult and challenging to dine on mountain because of our COVID restrictions. This year, just like last year, reservations are required for on mountain dining experience.

 This means that you must: one, make the reservation, two, be on time, and three, you only get 45 minutes to eat your lunch and then give up your table for the next guest. That can be a little bit challenging. There are a number of different places the first being Powder 8 at the base of the mountain. It is a huge cafeteria style restaurant that serves pizza and hamburgers and chicken fingers. They have specialty items that they change up on a daily. It's a good place to go because of the fact that you just ski down, click out your skis and you are ready to eat.

 There is also Spruce Saddle Lodge. Spruce Saddle is right at the top of our main chair six, which is our centennial lift. It’s another large facility. We see a lot of ski school that will go there. There is Red Tail Camp. It is pretty good, but you have to be an intermediate skier to access this area.

Over in the Bachelor of Gold Side, there's MAM's. MAM's is a, a place where you can go and, get a hamburger that is uncooked and then grill it yourself. It's a fun little adventure.

 We also have Broken Arrow restaurant that is over in Arrowhead. And again, a small cafeteria style dining experience over there, but very nice.

 All of these places do come with a pretty hefty price tag and for about the same amount of money that you're going to spend on Mountain, there are also a number of wonderful restaurants that you can access off the mountain by just skiing down to the bottom, clicking out of your skis, putting them on a rack, and taking the escalators down into the main area of Beaver Creek.

 Hooked as a wonderful Asian experience. They have everything from sushi to Asian dishes.  There's the Golden Eagle Inn which is a place where you can go for burgers or chicken sandwiches or fresh salmon or a great salad.

There is no time restrictions on for the off mountain dining experience. Okay. Another place is the Dusty Boot, which is kind of a TexMex type of style. Kids love it. There's a great kids menu there plus adults can get a filet there for lunch if you want. Blue Moose Pizza is also a fantastic spot where you can grab a big pie and everybody can sit around and gobble that down and head back out on the mountain very easily.

 Over to the Bachelor Gulch side, a lot of people really enjoy the Ritz Carlton. The Ritz Carlton is  expensive; expect that you will pay $50 for a hamburger and $28 for a hotdog.

Take some of the names of the places and write those down. Then call ahead of time that way you know your lunch plans are set. Especially on the high week like we're having right now between the Christmas day and the New Year's Day, and with all the flights that are being canceled and all the weather that we're contending with.

There is a small market that works really well for lunch too. They have a small little deli where you could have sandwiches made and then you can take them up onto the mountain.

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