Just Sold The Ritz

I wanted to talk with you today about a recent sale at the Rich Carlton and Bachelor's Gulch. Residence seven 16 to beautiful two bedroom. It was listed at 1.9 million and I represented the buyer.

What was so special about this particular transaction was we had to show some patience because my client wanted to close quickly in cash. Since the seller had not owned it for a year, they had to wait until end of October to close this transaction.Since we missed out on so many other ones, we came in $100,000 over list price, and that was a good move because one, we beat out the three other offers that came in on the property. And two, he recognized that after looking at the rental numbers that the Ritz Carlton can produce, it made perfect sense to come in a hundred thousand dollars over list because he looked at it as a 10 year plan.When you're looking at a hundred thousand dollars over 10 years, we're really not talking about that much money. Both the buyer and the seller were very happy.

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