About Jeffrey Cloonan

Luxury Real Estate is essentially a fine art. The Luxury Market, after all, is defined by buyers and sellers whose exquisite sense of form and function demands the same from the real estate professionals they employ. Aligning with the client’s goals and objectives is important, but it’s simply not enough. Exceptional Service is important, but it’s not adequate. MTN Luxury Group exceeds all these standards, but that isn’t what makes us exceptional.

Meeting the needs of buyers or sellers requires an ability to see and understand their lives from every perspective: likes, dislikes, the character and ages of their children, their family history, their successes, their failures, and most importantly, their personalities. Understanding our clients at this fundamental level is the MTN difference. We take the time to know our clients, so that we can move forward and find the ideal property—or the ideal buyer.

Jeffrey Cloonan provides clients with visionary guidance and assures that they see the big picture: what makes a home stand out; the brilliance of a floorplan; or the possibilities of an upgrade. With a career based on providing sophisticated, attentive service, Jeffrey also offers a database of quality professional vendors that have the ability and experience to make a dream a reality.

 MTN Luxury Group, above all, is about offering our elite clientele the first class service they deserve.

"My name is Tommy Huelskamp and I am the owner of several different real estate companies. Over the past 30 plus years in business I have had the opportunity to work with many experienced and talented brokers. When I met Jeffrey about five years ago, he stood out from the crowd. His combination of ultimate professionalism and his drive to be the very best at his craft were what set him apart. It has been a pleasure to work with him on many deals and see him continue to make his climb to the top of a very competitive Vail Valley market. I continue to work with Jeffrey because he will both make deals happen and hold them together when others are ready to walk away. I would recommend Jeffrey Cloonan to anyone without thinking twice!"

Tommy Huelskamp